No nickels. No dimes. No hassle pricing.

At The Charlotte, our approach to pricing is unique because it was developed by families and for families who want to spend time enjoying life with their loved one, not looking at a bill. Our model is simple – you pay one price based on the apartment you select.

More than a pricing model, this approach aligns closely with our commitment to caring for your loved one. At other communities, residents often pay a base monthly amount and then incur “points” or are placed in various levels of care as their needs increase. We have seen it all… communities offering medication management (but only for a certain number of medications), charging for band-aids, or rationing out care because it wasn’t included in the amount they were paying.

This puts unnecessary stress on the resident, their families and on caregivers. Instead of being focused on providing great care, staff are placed under pressure and often incentivized to collect information on how much care a resident is receiving so the community can charge accordingly.

We want our caregivers focused on providing care, not on calculating it.

For more information about our pricing philosophy, and for current pricing on our remaining apartments, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today.