A move to any retirement community involves two main decisions: Is this the lifestyle I want? Is this the right place to achieve that lifestyle? Listen to some of your peers below and hear first-hand what amenities and services were most important to them.


Approach makes the difference

Aging is inevitable – your approach to aging makes all the difference. Because it’s not enough to be surrounded in a resort-style setting if your quality of life prevents you from enjoying it. At The Charlotte, we believe anyone at any age in any condition can improve the quality of their life. It’s a distinct way of looking at the world – a radical idea that as our physical bodies get older, our outlook can stay young.


We understand that the financial component of a decision as significant as a move to a retirement community can be one of your paramount concerns. If you’re asking yourself, “Can I afford this?”, then you’re asking the right question. We invite you to explore all of the benefits, services and amenities that our one monthly fee includes, and then compare that cost with your other options. You just might be surprised at how affordable The Charlotte is.

Safety & Security

“If something did happen, someone would be there.” That’s the peace of mind that every Member of our community feels. They feel that for themselves, and they feel that on behalf of their children and loved ones. Knowing that help is there every hour of the day and that The Charlotte is equipped with best in class security measures are just some of the reasons you’ll have peace of mind too.

Social Life

If you make the choice to visit The Charlotte, the first thing you’re sure to experience is the social and communal atmosphere of a vibrant and dynamic group of individuals. Making new friends is one of the unexpected bonuses that many of our Members regularly express. And with a full time Social Director curating programs and coordinating activities, your Calendar of Events can be as full as you choose every week of the year.


The Charlotte wouldn’t be a premier retirement community if it didn’t have one of the best private restaurants in town. There are no cafeterias in site. Our restaurant approach to our full-service dining program emphasizes variety and quality, with daily specials crafted by our Executive Chef and fully stocked wines, beers and cocktails in our bar.

Maintenance Free

If you’re like your peers, you may be eager to leave behind the burdens of home ownership as you explore what your retirement living path might look like. We believe that a quality of life that embraces true independence doesn’t have to include the chores of daily living. This is why all of our living options include full maintenance and repair, housekeeping and deep cleaning, security, transportation services and a flexible dining program with an industry-leading culinary menu. One monthly check covers it all.