Living the Weller Life

– February 2021 –

Cooking Club

Check out these new aprons our Members will be rocking for our weekly cooking club! Our cooking club has quickly become one of our favorite parts of our week. Stay tuned to see what we whip up in the next few weeks.

Bible Study

Here at The Charlotte, we empower our Members to be leaders in our community. Mr. Tony is one of our Members who leads a bible study every Wednesday. He worked with his local church to donate Bibles and he helps lead Members each week. It is a lovely thing to see how our Members support each other in the things they love.

Mardi Gras

Beign-yay it’s time to celebrate Mardi Gras! Our Members took a step into New Orleans during our social hour this week. They wore festive masks and beads while enjoying delicious food!

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love was flowing through the halls of The Charlotte! Members have received some beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts from their loved ones! Their smiles say it all.

Superbowl Event

“Touchdown! Our Social Director, Tammara teamed up with our Lifestyle Advisors for an awesome Superbowl event! While our Dining Services team prepared a delicious take out meal for Members, future Members, and family members to drive through to pick up. Everyone went home with Corn Chowder, breadsticks, signature “The Charlotte” BBQ Sauce, and sweet cookies! Our Members came out to enjoy music while people drove through to pick up their soup!

Salty Treat

Who else loves a sweet and salty treat? We do! Our Cooking Club got together last week to prepare yummy heart bark! Attendees worked to meltdown milk and white chocolate on pretzels, topped with sprinkles!

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