Living the Weller Life

– March 2021 –

Fun Friday

It was what we call, Fun Friday! This week we played Beachball Hockey which ended up being a huge hit. We worked on both our dominant hand and non-dominant hands. These types of activities support our Member’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Wheel of Fitness

“It’s the Wheel. Of. Fitness!” Getting our Members to feel empowered during their daily fitness routine is important. Our Fitness Wheel is the perfect way to do that! During our group fitness classes, Members spin to determine which exercise the group does!

Girl Scouts

Our favorite girl scouts came to visit us today! They were sweet enough to bring over some delicious Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and other cookies for us to enjoy! There were also beautiful flowers for the ladies to use to brighten up their rooms! The smiles on our Members faces say it all, between the cookies and flowers, it was a lovely visit.


We happily welcomed Officer Stanley and his K9 to visit our Members. He talked to them about training tactics and personal victories for the K9. Our Members enjoyed petting the dog as well as watching him find specific things that Officer Stanley hid for him to find. We’re proud to have these two incredible members of the police force in our area!

St. Patrick’s Day

“Don’t throw away luck on little stuff. Save it up.” Our Members showed their St. Patty’s Day spirit by wearing green and having a green-themed happy hour. They were able to pick up a Green Party favor and a pot of gold for attending.

Boccee Ball

Did you know that Bocce Ball is the third most popular sport in the world after soccer and golf? Here at The Charlotte, we have so much fun playing Bocce ball. These Spring temperatures have made it the perfect time to get outside and play a few games!

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